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Why Substance Addiction Studies?

People deal with things in more ways than one and in health care, there is the use of drugs, among other substances. However, access to drugs and other substances is not limited to medical necessities, and as such in any use of things, there is also prone to be abuse. When misuse becomes consistent and gets to a point where there is a created state of dependency on a substance(s) as a means of coping or achieving a certain craved “feeling,” this is called, addiction. Addiction is a disease of dependency manifested at a chronic level. Substance Addiction Studies (SAS) is a program designed to prepare learners as human services specialists, human services practitioners, chemical dependency practitioners, addiction specialists, mental health and social service practitioners, or to provide supplemental training for personnel currently or previously involved in these occupations. This program at NURU HI also provides most of the general course work and addiction specific requirements for the Certification Board for Addiction Professionals of Florida.

The Benefits of a Substance Addiction Studies Diploma

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    Word to the Wise

When initiating support, assistance or counsel as a skilled professional, it is important that you understand to do your part to the best of your knowledge and not to look to be a hero. Addiction is proof that someone is dealing with a persistent discord between coping with a situation(s), reality and harmful consequences. Success in this program will enable candidates to present themselves as a qualified pillar of competent support to many who are genuinely seeking recovery from drug use disorders.

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